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2014-2015 McCormick Grant Fellows

Congratulations to the following schools on their McCormick Grant Awards!

College of DuPage

College of DuPage will form a Strategic Civic Leader Fellow team that consists of representatives from Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, faculty who are actively engaged in service learning and the evaluation of impact on the communities served and a student representative.  The team will lead the effort to establish a Faculty Advisory Board for service learning and civic engagement, develop uniform syllabi standards for courses that have service learning components and provide faculty training to ensure that experencies provide meaningful links to course content and its application to real-world issues.

Dominican University


The purpose of the project will be to develop a university wide Center for Community Engagement that will amplify, strengthen, centralize and institutionalize the efforts of multiple faculty, staff and administrative units across the University.  Dominican hopes to intentionally engage stakeholders across the University and Chicago’s greater westside thus adding momentum to placing civic engagement and community based learning at the heart of the identity of Dominican University.  The effort will focus on the neighborhoods and suburban communities of Chicago’s greater westside, where the University and the individual units of the University have a long history of sustained engagement.

Illinois State University


Illinois State University plans to strategically develop a model to review and implement the infrastructure of civic engagement and community-based service learning on campus and within the community.  A task force will be force will be formed that will include faculty, students, staff and community members that will develop surveys and do evaluations to determine how a Civic Engagement Center on campus would be structured for maximum impact on campus and within the community.  The task force will also explore funding opportunities as well as visit other campuses as appropriate. 

Northeastern Illinois University


Northeastern Illinois University will utilize the grant to strengthen the University’s infrastructure to enhance civic learning and democratic engagement opportunities for the students.  The plan aims to increase opportunities for faculty to engage in service learning pedagogies and other forms of civic engagement related to teaching and to infuse more meaningful opportunities for civic learning and democratic engagement throughout co-curricular engagement activities and programming.  The goal is to work together to expand the student’s capacities to serve as active professionals and citizens in a diverse society.


Second Year Teams

Knox College


The second year grant will continue to provide resources to:

-          Foster dialogue on civic engagement in all its forms among the various campus constituencies

-          Develop champions of civic engagement among faculty

-          Develop model courses for civic engagement in each of the four foundational areas of the Knox curriculum

-          Evangelize Knox’s commitment to engagement among students, faculty, staff and the community

Rockford University


Rockford has used the McCormick Grant to focuses on three specific areas:  building infrastructure for the University’s Community-Based Learning program; connecting our program with community partners; and providing larger forums for discussion of civic engagement and service learning.  Funding through the 2nd year will be specifically used to support a CBL workshop for pre-teachers, teachers and principals as well as programming on CBL and engaged research opportunities for faculty and students on campus.


Trinity Christian College


In year two of the Strategic Civic Leader Fellows grant, we plan to strengthen existing structures and create new ones(i.e tech support, community partnerships advisory council).  We also plan to increase service-learned opportunities for students and continue to provide support and resources for faculty.